Hey guys, thanks for checking out my new blog!  I am going to be posting updates on here every week so make sure to keep checking back.  By next week, I will have my website up and running where you can go and purchase KB5 apparel.

Next Saturday, I’m going to be playing in RSL’s FIFA 10 Tournament and signing autographs.  Go sign up now and one of you can battle me in the first round.  You can also buy KB5 clothing at that event so make sure you don’t miss it!

I’m stoked to be back in the 801!  I enjoyed the short off-season, but always love coming back to Salt Lake City.



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  1. megan

    GOOD LUCK KB !! Stoked for the store to open ! ❤

  2. Mark Barber

    I will see you there!

  3. ~FM

    Good luck in 2010–and with the new retail venture.

  4. CMcAfee

    Looks good Sir.


    Dont forget about the (410) Send me some gear!

    Good luck in Tampa, FL

  6. KMatney

    You have come a long way from when I used to see you run long laps around the Crofton Parkway. Keep it going!!

  7. Todd Dixon

    Cant wait to be rocking the gear brotha

  8. Emily

    I’ve been waiting for this clothing line! much luv!

  9. Russell

    Looking forward to it….keep rockin it!! And like Navarro said…dont forget us back home in the 410 ARUNDEL!! We love ya!

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