On Wednesday night, I hit up the Jazz vs. Trailblazers game here in Salt Lake.  Juwan Howard is still going strong with the Blazers and D-Will was a boss out there on the floor.  Fortunately, the Jazz got the better of the Blazers on Wednesday and walked away with the “W.”

A special thanks to both Jeff and Kenyon for letting me hang out with them in their seats.  They were the best seats I’ve ever had to a basketball game before.



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  1. Jon

    Cool. I’m really looking forward to the Lakers-Jazz game next week. It will be my first game this season.

    I spend all my money on RSL!

  2. Ian

    I was there too! too bad I didn’t see you Kyle, I’ll be at the FIFA tourney tomorrow though so hopefully I’ll go up against you and get some sweet KB5 kicks 😀

  3. Chloe

    hi kyle…i don’t know if you remember me, but i was at the u.s.a. vs. elsalvador game for the world cup qualifier. i had a sign that said “bend it like beckerman” and i was just wondering if you saw me…thanks.

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