Hey guys, these pics are of my buddy Matt, who is one of my best friends that I grew up with in Maryland…

This past year, he decided to set sail as a deckhand on this $33 million yacht that travels all over the place.  As you can imagine, life at sea is a huge move for anyone to take.

He started out in Seattle last July and is currently out in the Caribbean. Based on what I’ve seen, it doesn’t look like his travels are going to stop anytime soon.

The pic to the left is of the island of Antigua, which is located in the middle of the Caribbean.

From time to time, I’m going to post some pictures and updates of my buddy who is out traveling the seas, so make sure that you stay tuned.



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4 responses to “DECKHAND TRAVELS


    Mondorff you’re nuts.

  2. Kinninger

    Keep those pics coming of Ole Boy Droffman.


    I think I got a picture of me jumping in Lake Louise

  4. Langendorf

    Haha, Lake Louise! Yeah, post that Kyle…Nav, you’re a riot! Love you guys.

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