Hey guys, I wanted to get back at you after being away for a little bit.  I have finally had a couple of days to recharge the battery now that I am back here in Salt Lake, and I’m starting to get back into the swing of things.

I was a bit jet lagged from all of the travel but am now getting back to my regular schedule.  I can’t believe how good the weather has been here in Utah since I’ve been back.  Can’t complain about 50 degrees and sunny in early March here in Salt Lake.

Yesterday was media day with RSL.  During the morning, we all went snow shoeing and then came back to take care of media responsibilities throughout the afternoon.  Practice at Xango field has been pretty good and I’m hoping that this weather keeps up!

Also, look for the online store to launch here within the next few days.  You will soon be able to pick up all the KB5 clothing we’ve been getting ready to launch!

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3 responses to “BACK IN SALT LAKE

  1. Randal

    Let’s win another cup.

    P.S. Never cut your hair. It’s awesome.

  2. D!

    Welcome back Kyle!! Looking forward to another great season!

    Here’s to success with the KB5 brand as well! I want to get one of those lion tees!



  3. Billy

    Welcome back.

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