Hey guys, “Sweet Baby James” by James Taylor is definitely one of my favorite songs.  While it may not be for the bginner, it’s not too hard to play on the guitar.  Below are the chords for the chorus and if you want to see how to play the rest of the song, click on this link.

If you don’t recognize the song by name, you’ve probably heard it in movies or on the radio at some point and maybe just didn’t know it.

Make sure that you check out the video below of James Taylor playing this song.  During the first minute or so, he’s explaining the origin of it and then starts to play the song.



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2 responses to “SWEET BABY JAMES

  1. Melody

    Absolutely love James Taylor!

  2. The chords are never the problem for me – it’s always the picking and the transitions. When are you available for lessons?

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