Abe Froman – What was step #1 to starting your dreads? Plan on growing your hair out.  Don’t comb it and get a natural shampoo… then, you should be you on your way.  You just have to be patient.

Phil Brewster – favorite hip-hop artist/group? Talib Kweli, Notorious B.I.G., Method Man, Jada Kiss, Tribe Called Quest, and Snoop Dogg

Mauricio Nicolas Hinojosa – would be willing to train new athletes? I would definitely be into training someone who is really dedicated.

Lesly Dymond – How long did it take for your dreads to reach that length? I’m at about 6 or 7 years and still growing.

Dan Robartes – What is your favorite and least favorite MLS away game? Besides RSL, it’s DC United because I play in front of a lot of my friends and family.  My least favorite is probably Dallas because it’s hot and there aren’t many people in the stands.

Mele Emma Vaitohi – are you single? 🙂 – I have a girlfriend.

Jason Kim McGraw – Do you watch any foreign football and if you do who do you like to watch? – I love watching foreign games.  I don’t have a favorite team… I just like watching the good teams go against each other.

Mario Ayala – who do you think is better Messi or C.ronaldo? hey come back to Maryland buddy!! – On some days, no one is better than Messi… and some days no one is better than C. Ronaldo.  What’s up Maryland!

Kristin Hafoka – If you weren’t playing soccer what would you be doing now? And one more, what made you choose UT as the place to play? – If I wasn’t playing soccer, I would be a teacher… and I didn’t choose to come to UT, I was traded… but I really do love that it happened and I am really happy here.

Kandi Trujillo Prickett – When you are finished playing, what are your plans? Do you think you’ll coach or do something else? – I’m not totally sure what I’ll do after soccer.  Coaching a high level of soccer interests me.  Maybe open a food spot too.

Tiffany McPhie Chojnowski – we have caught glimpses of your ab tats…do you have any others? do they have any meaning? – My first one is on my back and is a lion.  The ones on my abs are some ancient south pacific style tats.  It could become a total body tat cause it all goes together.  I’ve spent about 10 hours or so on it…it’s my war paint..

Marco Montes De Oca – If you had a choice to play for any club in the world, which one would it be, and why? – If it wasn’t RSL and I could play on any team in the world, it would be Barcelona because I love the style of their play.

Jimmy Courtney – Why didnt Arundel win a state championship while you were there…. haha… what up kyle!!! – We didn’t win a championship at Arundel because you need a bit of luck when you win championships… and I think that was what we missed.  We had a really good team my sophomore year and also my junior year, but just came up short.  What up, Jimmy.

Randall Howes – What are your favorite eateries in Utah? – I got a lot of favorite restaurants in SLC… – J Wongs, Aristos, Tony Caputos, Toasters, Jason’s Deli, Squatters, Indochin, and some others too.  I think we’re lucky for all the good food we have to choose from here.

June Noelle Balista – Oh, you’re a great athlete…with Utah as your home. Do you snowboard? – I do snowboard, but I haven’t been up for some riding in a while.  I’ve really just been focusing on soccer.

Beau Martin – do you use DreadheadHQ products? – I’ve used some of the shampoo form http://www.dreadheadhq.com and www.knottyboy.com.  They have some great hats too.

David Jensen – Have you had anything to *ahem* drink from the MLS Cup? – No, I haven’t drank anything out of the MLS Cup, but a bunch of my friends want to…

Steffany Brunelli Osborn – I’ll be at the San Jose Earthquakes game March 27th. Any hints or advice on how to get your autograph? – Well in San Jose, it’s pretty easy to get access to the players there because we play at a College Stadium.  It’s best to just wait until after the game and then you should be able to get some things signed and say what’s up.

Emily Netherton – what game did we play as kids? who was your first gf? who opened your letter when you first made states?…guess its not fair if I know the answers, huh? miss you bday brother! – We played a lot of tag and ghost in the grave yard at night.  What’s up, Emily!



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8 responses to “FACEBOOK Q&A

  1. Jenn Tisdale

    The Arundel High School shoutouts are extremely amusing…Emily and Jimmy…bravo.

    Kyle, we didn’t really know each other in high school. I believe you knew my best friend Mandy Schulz, however.

    Every once in a while I will say to her…”I know Kyle Beckerman was cute, but really…we should have seen this coming.”

    Inappropriate but true.

    • Coach Pat

      Hey Kyle,
      You probably don’t know this but you still hold the record for the youngest player to ever kick a field goal in PG county youth league football. I’m still coaching, in Florida now, and I’ve still not come across a kid that could kick like you. Great to see Ur doing well. Tell ur mom and dad I said hello.

      Coach Pat

  2. Ron Goodlett

    What team was better growing up, Laurel Wildcats or the ’82 Maryland ODP squad? What up Kyle, long time man…

  3. ibiubu

    Get that Carolina Cup again, bro!

  4. Dave U

    KB-zee…man it tripped me out when I saw that championship game, had no idea you were with salt lake. when it came to penalty kicks I though Kb’s got this and what did you do bro… total let down. but hey its a team sport and congrats homie.

  5. Hey mate, it has really been a great thing watching you over the years, I loved being a season ticket holder, but now I am living in Missoula, Montana.. you would fit in with the dreds!!! anyway, Keep it up! the 2 person Section 26 Missoula branch are proud watching you guys play, and good luck on going to S. Africa!

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