Last year, I was down in Charleston, SC with Real Salt Lake for a tourney like the one we were playing in this year.  I wanted to try and connect with some of my buddies in the stands and got some shirts made for some friends.  As it turned out, I made way too many shirts and got the idea of trying to sell some and make some money for G.O.A.L.S. for Greatness, a charity that I work with.

Big news… the KB5 Store (www.kb5store.com) is now open!  Make sure you go hit it up and check out all of the clothing that’s available.  A portion of every purchase you make at the store gets kicked back to charity.

After I told G.O.A.L.S. about the idea, they ran with it and we ended up making an entire line of shirts, and even added a thermal and hoodie later on.  To try and keep up with all of the other clothing lines, I decided to create the blog and get a website made to get the shirts out to people.  That way, if people like the shirts or enjoy helping with a charity, you now have a way to get at it.

So, now after a full year, I finally got it up.  Here it is… www.kylebeckerman.com


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  1. Waster

    some good looking stuff

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