Well, the season is finally here… We left Salt Lake City yesterday afternoon and flew into sunny San Jose, where will open up the season against the Earthquakes tonight.

After we landed, we had a team meeting and all went to dinner.  After that, we just laid low to get ready for tonight’s match.  One of the things we are looking to do is improve our record on the road this year and make the playoffs well before the end of the season.

If we can improve are road record and continue what we do at home, then we will be at the top of the league.  No doubt about it.

Make sure to tune into our match tonight on FSC at 7pm as we look to start of the 2010 season the same way we ended in 2009.



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  1. Fort Bragg

    Just wanted to say that I was at the final match of the CCC in Charleston last weekend. It was the greatest, I got there early and sat on the second row while you guys warmed up and then went and sat next to Cox and Campos during the game. I am a huge fan but am unable to attend many matches due to my military commitment. Anyway after the game I was heading out and had some time to burn so I sat back and watched you sign a million autographs and take pics. I was extremely impressed with the amount of time you spent giving back to your fans. Good luck tonight in CA.

  2. Own Goal

    The effort of the midfield was superior, congratulations on a well earned result.

  3. sandrine


    My name is Sandrine,
    I am 15 years old and I’m French I like you soo much
    I would like to know if there is an opportunity to have autographed photos signed by you.

    Thank you in advance

    I wish you a great season sorry for my english
    best regards


  4. Nussdorfer AC

    Great game. Thank you for treating us fans to such a display.

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