Hey guys, we started off the season with a big 3-0 road win over San Jose.  In case any of you missed the match, check out the highlights in the video below to check out my magician, Javi, at work.

This Thursday, we are off to Houston to take on the Dynamo, who are a solid team.  You can catch the match of ESPN2 at 7pm.  Thanks to all of you for your continued support to all of us here at RSL.



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4 responses to “RSL VS SJ HIGHLIGHTS

  1. Man, that first goal was a lazer.

  2. oussan

    Can’t wait for Thursday night! Good luck in Houston!

  3. ibiubu

    Awesome game! It was nice watching the highlights with Van’s song playing. Sink Houston’s ship on Thursday! I hope Nick gets another assist 🙂

  4. KU

    Good stuff. So good I think I’ll watch it again. Good luck in Houston! I know you guys can beat them. Be sure to keep an eye on Brad Davis. 😉

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