Last Thursday, we played well against Houston and were just inches from equalizing the game, but unfortunately fell short.  That’s alright though because we will grow from that match and the Dynamo still have to come play here at Rio Tinto Stadium.

This Saturday night, the Seattle Sounders come to town for our home opener.  If you haven’t gotten your ticket to the game yet, go get it now and come out and support your defending MLS Cup champs!

I will be giving away my cleats after the match to someone who I see wearing KB5 clothes, whether it be a hoodie, thermal, or t-shirt.  Just make sure that I see you and the cleats are yours.  If you still don’t have your KB5 apparel, go hit up www.kylebeckerman.com and go get ya some.

See you all this Saturday night for our first home game of the 2010 season.



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  1. Tif

    Do we have to order online? or is there somewhere we can actually go to buy them?

  2. Tif

    Is there someplace we can actually go to buy the shirts? or do we have to purchase online?

  3. Cleats, ugh, seriously…I always have on REAL colors but nothing that necessarily points to one player. Although you are my favorite. GL in the Saturday game, I will be wearing my Red and sitting in my season ticket seats,,,,,

  4. Chris

    I’ll be there, supporting RSL, you, KB5, and G.O.A.L.S.! (2nd row, section 24 Northeast corner! if you wanna look for me! ) 🙂

  5. Jonny Utah

    I just ordered a couple of shirts, i hope they get here in time.

  6. maria nava

    i want your cleats!! lol

  7. Auntie T

    Hey Kyle it’s me your homeboys auntie! I want a goal this week…

  8. Evan

    Hey Kyle it was great seeing you guys in Houston. Sorry about the results. Anyway I was the kid outside your locker room in the Real jersey! Gotta represent right. Was gonna try to get your autograph after but you were kind of mobbed. Maybe next time. See you in Frisco this summer!

  9. Sorry about the loss to Huston… Good thing Kei got me a jersey signed by Huston before he left… so I could have a winning team’s signature… sorry, low blow… he he he… You can get me one from Real if you’d like… 🙂 Dr. Mark Scholl said I had to “earn” it… what ever that means. Any ways, just wanted to let you know my girlfriends and I will all be at the game, with signs, loud voices, and big arms.. lol. Best of luck!

  10. Jason Faudree

    hey ill be there in a kb5 shirt in the south end section 10 second row! Cant wait for the game im super stoked!

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