FINALLY! After a month of road games, we are back on our home pitch.

Yesterday, I didn’t have a lot of time to write for the blog, so I posted a comment  on Facebook in regard to weather, hoping that the fans would come out. In just a short amount of time, comments starting showing up with such enthusiasm.

Just wanted to let you all know that we really do have the greatest fans in the MLS. The support you show us is just an epic feeling. Being the home team makes a big difference at game time. To come out and hear and see the people in the stands on their feet cheering definitely motivates us!

Keep up the cool signs, flags, and cheers, because we notice and hear all of you. A big thanks to the new and old supporter’s clubs too.

We are stoked to finally be home and are looking forward to hearing you in the stands tonight when we host Toronto!

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2 responses to “FINALLY BACK AT HOME

  1. Leon

    Games in the rain sounds great to me ! who cares let it rain down RSL all the way !

  2. Dustin

    Hey kyle whats up I was looking through your blog and saw a picture of my old teacher John Cunningham I can see how you guys would be friends your both crazy cool

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