Hey guys, I have two lower bowl tickets to give out!  Ok, here is how you can snag them…

Over time, most of you have probably seen some entertaining goal celebrations and some that were just too plain or unoriginal.  I have always loved goal celebrations and have had a couple of good ones myself.

Whoever gives me the best goal celebration idea will get two lower bowl seats to this Thursday’s match against the Houston Dynamo.  This game is our last home game until the 29th of this month!

I would love to see you all out at Rio Tinto Stadium this Thursday, but the game will be on ESPN2 for any of you who can’t make it.

To submit a goal celebration idea, just post it as a comment in this blog post.  Post as many ideas as you would like, but only one person will be the winner of two lower bowl tickets for the game against Houston.  Get creative and good luck!

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  1. Kris Rickard

    Paint a superman logo on your chest and then when you score take your shirt off and slide across the pitch with your arms outstretched like Superman because let’s face it KB5 = Man of Steel

  2. Kris Rickard

    You should do the Soulja Boy dance!

  3. Kris Rickard

    Pull out the corner flag and ride it like a horse!

  4. Kris Rickard

    You should free the dreds and headbang

  5. Kris Rickard

    Get a Nick is My Homeboy shirt and wear it underneath your kit. Then when you score take off your jersey and sport NIMH!

  6. Adrian Stephenson

    You should have your team run to center field, you kneel down in the middle, and when you stand up with your arms outstretched you should have your team all jump back and land on their backs. Then possibly if you have enough time have someone shine your shoes. They may be classics but to this day they are still pretty fun to watch.

  7. Kris Rickard

    as a continuation of my headbanging suggestion you should use the corner flag as a guitar and then free the dreds and headbang!

  8. Adrian Stephenson

    You could also just do the 2 step!!

  9. DeAnn Lopez

    Why not just do a lil Easy Skankin’ 😉

    * if Ya pick my suggestion…just give the tix to a local non profit…since I am in Houston =)

    Good Luck to You and Real…This will be a Great Game!

  10. Kris Rickard

    Take off your boots like they’re on fire and pour water on them to put out the flame!

  11. Tyson Hymas

    when ya score have them play “teach me how to jerk” by audio push over the p.a. and start jerkin’…
    If you have no idea what I’m talkin’ bout, check the video…

  12. Pretend that your feet are on fire. Run around like a mad man then try to reach down and take off you shoes, but “ouch” they are too hot. Then, have a trainer come and spray magic spray on them. All better.

  13. Kris Rickard

    If it’s from long range have a few teammates gather round you and one by one you can pick them off like a sniper. Once they’re all on the ground blow the smoke off the tip of your gun and put it in the holster.

  14. I would love to see a RSL kick line…Rockettes style. Seeing big Olave participate in this kick line would make my RSL season complete.

  15. Rebecca Anderson

    I personally like the Chicken Dance. Especially if you got the rest of the guys to do it too! That would rock! You score a goal and all the guys start chicken dancing!

  16. Michael Prickett

    Since you are captain, you should run to the corner and do the “Captain Morgan Pose”, ya know the one. After all…you got a little captain in ya.

  17. Kris Rickard

    celebrate with the fans by jumping into the stands! It’s a classic but one of my favorites.

  18. Kris Rickard

    Have a couple guys come over and face each other and salute and then one pulls out the corner flag and pretends that they’re playing a trumpet while you walk through the line of guys saluting. (use of corner flag is optional.)

  19. nathan

    Run to the corner, pull out the flag, and Knight who set up the goal or got the assist!

  20. John Barrella

    Do Rock/Paper/Scissors. 1,2,3 – rock; 1,2,3 – paper; 1,2,3 – scissors: as in just shredded the defense.

    Make the scissors cutting action with fingers on both hands!


  21. Kris Rickard

    Put a Sharpie marker behind the goal somewhere and when you score grab it and sign the ball and give it to a kid.

  22. Get some confetti from the crowd, go to the center circle, and do a little samba with your teammates throwing the confetti up!

    Do an Eric Cantona. Just stand there like a boss after you score!

    The Peter Crouch robot!

    Have whoever assisted you the ball, take the corner flag and knight you BOSS of the pitch!

    Take the corner flag and act like you’re hitting a grand slam (ok, so its baseball…)!

    Have the whole team get together after a goal and pose for a sweet picture, you know, like what the Cavaliers do with King James.

    Do the Grenade! Have the team stand in a circle and have someone take the pin out of a grenade and throw it up, when it hits the ground everyone explodes and falls backwards!

  23. Kris Rickard

    Take off your top and lay it on the ground and then get all the guys to come over and dance around it in a circle.

  24. Joe Taylor

    Your hair fits this one perfectly. Go with the whole Medusa head thing. Have one of the guys on your team hold your hair with your head hanging down and your eyes closed. Have the rest of the guys run over toward you to celebrate. Have the guy behind you lift your head up by the hair then open your eyes and stare at them. Have them all freeze like they turned to stone, maybe even have them fall over all stiff like statues.

  25. Kris Rickard

    Take your boot off of whichever foot you score the goal with and slide across the pitch on your knees and kiss the boot.

  26. Kris Rickard

    Take your boot off of whichever foot you score the goal with and put it on the ground. Have some of the guys bow down to it paying homage doing the “we are not worthy” motion with their arms.

  27. Jason Faudree

    I was gonna say have someone knight you with the corner flag but someone said that already. So you could take off your jersey and lay it down and have everyone come dance around it

  28. Kris Rickard

    You should get naked and smother the other goalkeeper with your chest hair and then rub your sweat all over Will Johnson!

  29. Kris Rickard

    have a few guys gather around you and you can face them one at a time and pretend to knock them out until they’re all on the ground and then you just walk away.

  30. terrin

    do a backflip!

  31. Mark

    Wear a KB5 shirt under your jersey, when you score take it off, autograph it and give it to a kid…

  32. Kris Rickard

    lay on the ground with your mouth open and have someone spray water in your face.

  33. ajr

    I am willing to pimp out my friend CK, she said first goal you score run over to the seats and you can kiss her on the cheek second goal lips and so on… photo upon request

  34. Kris Rickard

    Have a few guys run over to you standing in one spot with your left hand behind your back and shake their hands all proper like.

  35. Ferris

    Human. Pyramid.

  36. ryan dutson

    when you score a goal then just freak out then jump into the stands and give everyone high fives and hugs then go to a camera and put your face in it

  37. Brad Clark

    Go to the sideline, take a bow, and then blow kisses to the fans.

  38. Michael Prickett

    Have some of your teammates follow you to the corner flag and sit down indian style like they are students in class. Take out the flag and use it as if you’re pointing at a chalkboard and teaching a goal scoring school.

  39. Ness

    My call is for the team chest bump!

  40. Brad Clark

    Get a few teammates and do leap frog.

  41. Keith Birkett

    I think it was be hilarious to see the whole team do a congo line with whoever scores the goal leading the group!

  42. Ness

    Jump on another players back (either team) and wave your arm like you are going to laso the goalie!

  43. Scott

    Do leap frog with the team or the Lambeau Leap!

  44. Shortyb

    More cowbell KB…. more cowbell…

    Get a cowbell. Leave it behind the goal…
    Watch this video… http://www.funnyhub.com/videos/pages/snl-more-cowbell.html
    And get one of these shirts to wear under your kit….

    then give them more cowbell….

  45. Shortyb

    simply untie the dreds… and rock out…

  46. Shortyb

    you really need to talk to your buddies… We need abetter song after we score and after we win.. just mention it to SOJA… the are a great band… see what you can do..

  47. craig

    Do the GOB Bluth chicken dance from Arrested Development in and around the goal area…it’s sure to intimidate opposing goal keepers (especially Onstad)

    Example below:

  48. Jordanjay

    Score the goal, sprint for the nearest camera, grab it and pretty yourself up… You know, lick the index and pinky fingers to slick down the eyebrows, wipe the sweat off your forehead, lick your lips and pucker up for the audience at home!

  49. Kandi

    Well since taking your shirt off will get ya a yellow card, I’ll suggest something else. Lol!

    How about ya breakdance & do a nice lil backspin on the pitch!

    I must say, I did like the Captain Morgan stance though too!!
    North Side Hooligans forever! 🙂

  50. Ryan Bruckman

    I’m a fan of the classic rock band formed at the corner flag (example: didier drogba in the chelsea v wigan blowout)

    Or any team dance move,

    With the red kits..have everyone line up and whoever scores is now moses and parts the red sea.

  51. Kandi

    You could always do ‘the worm’ too!

  52. Ben Larsen

    Treat the ball like a chainsaw, start it, and cut down the goal.

  53. Brad Clark

    My favorite celebration ever: go to a teammate and give each other a high five. Then you follow through the high five and raise your right foot up in the air backwards and shake each other’s foot. It sounds weird, but I think it looks cool and is fun to do.

  54. Tuni Moni

    Do the “Avatar”, pounce and pose (over), protecting the ball and hiss back at the other team and crowd. But to make it official, you’ve got to show your teeth during the hiss.

  55. Jamie H

    -If its a header goal.. Go dive into the fans, for a dive to remember!
    -Get a couple of you guys and when you score take off your shirt, put it on the ground, stand around it in a circle like its a fire and rub your hands to get warm (or even by yourself)
    -After the goal rev up your lawn mower and start mowing the lawn
    -After the goal slide on the grass and end up on your side and pose like you are ready for your photoshoot
    -Take of your cleat, bounce it up and down cuz its to hot to handle
    -If there is any Houston fans, go over by them kinda and play a sad song on your violin 🙂

  56. Michael Prickett

    Lift your jersey up and do the “Truffle Shuffle”. Ya know…ala Chunk from The Goonies.

  57. leon

    hey buddy, close your eyes and move your hands around like a blind man

  58. leon

    close your eyes and tap your make belive walking sight stick from left to right !

  59. leon

    throw your make believe duck up in the air and take a couple shots at it with your make believe shot gun ! I have seen this one done at a hockey game with the players glove as the duck and his stick as the gun, its a wounded duck CLASSIC !

  60. leon

    after you score go look in the back of the net for a hole

  61. leon

    have somebody put up on the big screen SWISS CHEESE and just turn and point to it

  62. leon

    take the ball to the center of the pitch and pose on it like the thinking man

  63. leon

    pick up the ball and place it in the goalies hands for him

  64. Jonathan Rick

    Go to the corner flag, if it is bounces back from a hit, box it.

    Act like you have a rocket launcher on your shoulder and heat seek the goal with it.

    Put your hands up to your ears, as a way to pump up the crowd because you cannot hear them over the sound of how awesome you are.

    Do the airplane after you lift up the front of your jersey over your head.

  65. Molly R.

    Play that rasta air guitar like you were Bob himself!

  66. k when i play soccer i do this cool thing and you just tap your chest like till you get to the middle of the field and when you taping your chest you olso piont in the air its fun try it

  67. so just tap your chest till like the middle of the field and when your taping you chest olso point in the air

  68. tap your chest like till you get to the middle of the field and when your taping your chest point in the air its easy

  69. Dave

    Ok remember back to the very begininning of the league. KC Wizards had a striker, Vitalis “Digital” Takawira. He invented the “digital crawl.” You should definitely use it. It is the greatest goal celebration and it uses the entire team.

  70. Leon

    Ok here it is my dred head brotha’ right after you score have Bob Marleys “I shot the sherrif” played start to groove a bit, lay down some swagger on the pitch, then pull your guns out and POW ! POW ! POW ! POW ! shoot the goalie down

  71. Leon

    do the captain morgan stand on the ball at the center of the pitch !

  72. Leon

    how about we all do the wave in the stands for you when you score, and you can act like the conducter in the middle of the pitch ! you know point to your left and the wave goes left point to the right and the wave goes right, so on and so forth that way we can all be part of the celabration !

  73. Leon

    jump on that bike I seen sitting at the south west end by the large entrance and ride around the pitch or on the pitch fist pumping to the crowd

  74. Leon

    get a cardboard crown from burger king put it by the goal and when you score put it on and pose like King Charles very properly

  75. Leon

    have them play citizen cope bullet and a target over the P.A. and stand there proud of your goal arms folded nodding your head !

  76. Michael Prickett

    raise your hands pointed at the goalie (or the net or ball if ya feel the goalie is unsportsmanlike) and wiggle your fingers like you’re putting a hex on it.

  77. Chris Edmunds

    1) Pull out the corner flag and throw it like a javelin.

    2) Pull out one of your shinguards with KB5 autographed on it and show it to the camera or give it to a fan.

    3) With some teammates do the Blue Man Group Rock concert movement number one, the basic head-bob or rock concert movement number two, the one armed fist pump.

    4) Pull your shirt up and have “Happy Mother’s Day” written on it.

  78. Leon

    stomp your foot at the goalie (or the other way) and twist your foot back and forth like your stomping something out

  79. Leon

    salute the crowd on all four sides

  80. Leon

    use the goal post as a punching bag

  81. Michael Prickett

    Hold your foot in your hand and play your leg as if it were a guitar.

  82. Leon

    do a hawaian style dance with both arms to the left and right

  83. Michael Prickett

    Find a girl in the crowd and kneel down in front of her as if you were proposing.

  84. Leon

    Oh hell “KB” just play your heart out, work the center like you own it, do your best to put the ball in the goal or an assist, and show these guys why RSL are the defending champs, and no matter what you do I am sure it will be great go get em’ guys we are behind you all the way ! ole’ ole’ ole’ ole’ Real Salt Lake !

  85. Michael Prickett

    Run to the corner flag and use it like a mirror to shave, using the boot off the scoring foot as a razor, cause your aim is razor sharp.

  86. Leon

    ok last one for now after you score have any body on the side line use a real fire extinguisher carbon dioxide(c,o) or just a plain water type. on your boots “CAUSE YA’ FEETS IS ON FIRE !” realism is the effect !

  87. Leon

    how about ya’ yawn, pat your hand over your mouth then stretch out your arms up and behind you “cause you and I both know it aint no thang !” its what you do !

  88. Leon

    heres a good one do a throw back to the WWE, and Hulk Hogan, point to one side of the stadium , wind up your arm, put your hand to your ear and nod your head ,then do it to the other three sides and then finish with some cheese ball pose its a classic !

  89. Leon

    how about you and everybody on the field bust out the macarena and the stadium will follow along !

  90. Leon

    old school, Y M C A !

  91. Leon

    here you go this is the one, after you score put your hands over your mouth, eyes super wide, shaking your head back and forth, as if to say “did that realy go in ? I cant believe it”

  92. Mike

    If the keeper remains on the ground with his head down. As you run by him stop and pull your pretend wallet out of your back pocket and give him a couple buckets since he is seeing some rough times.

  93. Mike

    Pick up the ball and put it under your shirt. Take a few steps like you’re pregnant. Take the ball our of your shirt and then rock it in your arms like a new baby.

  94. Mike

    Pull up your shirt to reveal a tee shirt with a picture of you and Chuck Norris eating orange creme sickles.

    Or have someone in the crowd give you an orange creme sickle that you take a bite out of.

  95. Michael Prickett

    Get two teammates to line up with you, and one cover their ears, one cover their eyes and the other cover their mouth. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

  96. Organic Mommy

    I dont find anything wrong with the way you celebrate now. Its not dorky like 95% of these ideas on here….

    • leon

      Hey “O,M”sorry if i was part of that 95% I just realy wanted to win those tickets !

      • Organic Mommy

        I didnt read all of them I was just saying there is nothing wrong with the way he celebrates now! So dont apologize! I dont blame you for wanting the tickets, RSL games are the best! I would have tried to come up with ideas if I didnt have season tickets! Good luck to you!

  97. AW

    You could have the team pretend to be the paparazzi and take your picture as you strike different poses like the major rock star you are. Or with new robin hood movie coming out friday, use that as your theme and use the corner flag as your bow and pretend to shoot at the goalie. Your teammates are the merrymen(just don’t ask them to wear tights).

  98. Todd

    Cartwheel into the robot!

  99. Randal Serr

    Get on the cement rail, blind yourself, and walk the plank.

  100. Amy Parry

    I think you should have the team get in a circle around you and bow to you and say “we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy, we’re scum.”

  101. Mark Harper

    Goal Celebration: Teammate (probably Javi) acts as your mom getting you (the kid) ready for _____ (church, funeral, or any black tie affair) by fixing your jacket, straightening your tie, getting your hair to sit down (with the classic lick of the hand and spread), etc.

    He then steps back and inspects, gets a big grin, and gives you an exaggerated, proud kiss on the forehead. You look should look a little perturbed the whole time; roll your eyes and have a “are we done?” look on your face.

  102. Randal Serr

    Go find Leo the Lion and work the crowd with him. Sign his Beckerman jersey while you are at it.

  103. Mark Harper

    Goal Celebration:
    Teammate acts as mom (Javi comes to mind) getting you (the kid) ready for _____ (church, school, etc.), fixing your jacket, straightening your tie, trying to mat down your hair (lick hand and spread), etc.
    He then places a proud and exaggerated kiss on your forehead. You should look perturbed the whole time by rolling your eyes and have a “are we done yet?” look on your face.

  104. Mark Harper

    Goal Celebration:
    You are a drill sergeant calling your troop to order by yelling out “Attention!”. Pace back and forth inspecting them and maybe yelling “Alright you magots! Are we gonna win this game?”
    “Sir, yes sir!”
    “Are we gonna take it to them the rest of the game?”
    “Sir, yes sir!”

    Pause for effect…

    “Company salute!” All players salute.

    “Forward, Harch!” They march to their positions on the field and wait for the kick.

  105. Aaron Davis

    Aaron Davis thinks you should get together and do Javi’s famous VW Junior Masters Pinata goal celebration. Just make sure that you dive like an Italian!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbjGMuhmQRw

  106. Jay Mitchell

    Take Leo’s head off and put it on and run around for a bit.

  107. Jason Pederson

    My favorite is the machine guns with you hands
    or the shot gun scoping your tarket

  108. Jake Simons

    Grab the flag and joust with it. Act like you’re riding the horse using the flag as a lance and knock someone over with it. Ceremoniously raise your hand in victory. Maybe add in a bow.

  109. Leon

    Hey KB check out my facebook pics, look for Leon Ocho Anglen, and you will see me with my soccor ball head mask on at the home opener. After you score run over to me and I will give the mask to you and you can run around with it on. VERY FUNNY ! p.s. your hair will fit its a way big mask and its clean !

  110. Leon

    jump up and grab the cross bar and do a few pull ups

  111. Leon

    pose with the ball and have another player pretend to take pics. of you with it

  112. Leon

    do something like Lebron James, but better, get a mix of baby powder and glitter in a container by the goal and throw it up in triumph when you score !

  113. Leon

    after you score on the south end go over to the kong place your hands together do a bow towards the gong then kick it or hit it or whatever

  114. Andrew

    How about you score a goal..sprint to the corner with your arms stretched out like you are a bird..keeping it low key because you are going to be scoring so many goals for us this season.

  115. Andrew

    Score a goal..sprint to the corner..cup your hands behind your ears as you are running (like you are asking to hear the crowd)..and wait for your boys to chase you down

  116. Andrew

    score a goal..sprint to the corner..do a triple pump with your fists while jumping in the air

  117. Patrick Jones

    Score the goal and then just run back to your position for the kick off, stick your hands in the air and wait for the cheers. Make the other team think you feel its no big deal, just going to do it AGAIN!

  118. Kirk

    Grab the ball and sprint to the center circle. Slam the ball down on the center spot, put one foot on it and do an old school Superman pose–hands on hips, chest out. Just don’t pick up a yellow for it. It’s a dumb reason to end up suspended for yellow card accumulation. We need you on the pitch.

  119. Jill

    I think it is about time for a Tarzan celebration…

  120. Leon

    if you can spin the ball on your finger tip like a basketball, do that and pull the statue of liberty pose.

  121. Leon

    pull the ball out of the goal jugle it back to the center, kick it up, catch it on your back between your shoulders and roll it off like it was nothing

  122. Braedon H

    kyle do the complete jerk dance ill put a link on here for you

    here you go watch it and tell me what you think if not another one is to run to the corner sit down act like your playing fifa 10 with someone score a goal and celebrate that one

  123. Molly R.

    Pound your fists on your chest like Tarzan, King of the Jungle a.k.a. Becks, King of the Pitch!

  124. Molly R.

    Spit on your hands and run them over your dreads like you’re prettying yourself.

  125. Molly R.

    I personally would like you to do anything that involves you shaking your booty. There’s got to be a new booty shaking goal celebration…

  126. Leon

    after you score do a poll dance on the goal post and have the rest of team throw monopoly money at you

  127. Mark

    Yo! Kyle I hope I am not to late but I just found the perfect goal celebration for you, partial to the SLC too! Check out this video and next time you score… hit “The Slopes”

  128. Brad Clark

    Ok, not to toot my own horn, but this would be awesome. When you score a goal run over to the sideline. Then have two of your team mates run at you with their hands next to their heads with their index finger up as if they’re bulls. Then you hold your pretend red cloth out and olè!

  129. babe

    carl beckerman for mayor flag. boom.

  130. Kyle Beck

    hey i know the contest is over but you should carry a small red card in the back of your sock and when you score go give the ref a red card…

  131. bret johnson

    we miss the kyle beckerman one of a kind custom kleets

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