Hey guys, sorry it’s been a while since I threw up a blog post… just moved into my new place and have been way busy getting moved in and situated.  Now that things have settled, I can finally get back at you guys with some updates!

Good news… KB5 is now linking up with both The Total Footballer and Goal Republic to help spread the good word of RSL and KB5.

The Total Footballer ( covers local, club, and international soccer.  They’re teamed up with Goal Republic (, a store that pushes some sick lines of soccer apparel.

Make sure to go check out their site and store.



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2 responses to “BRANCHING OUT

  1. Leon Anglen

    update us on the ankle ASAP hope all is well take care see ya’ all on the 29th. Congrats on the new place, hope its a ground level with no stairs !

  2. Kyle,
    We met at Coffee Garden a while back while your friend Chris was talking about Argentina and Costa Rica…
    I hope you’ve gotten a chance to look into Cortazar, that writer we were talking about. He’s the very best, especially the book “Hopscotch”.
    I hear you are also learning Spanish, which is really great. Let me know if you want to practice sometime, and if you get a chance- mention to Chris that he should email me about the camp work he does down there…
    I saw a game a few weeks ago, and you boys are playing so well!
    Buena suerte,

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