Hey guys, I had the chance to talk to and interview Robbie Findley a few days ago while he’s out in South Africa for the World Cup.  Check out the questions below..

1.) What has your experience been since heading over to South Africa for the World Cup?

It was a long trip to South Africa but we were treated very well. As we arrived at the hotel, they had a group of people singing and doing little skits. It was a cool experience. In the first couple weeks, I went on two safaris. It was crazy to see these animals in an uncontrolled environment just roaming around doing their thing. My roommate out here is Marcus Hahnemann.

2.) How has the training been with team USA?

The training has been good. With the games towards the end of the week we usually hit it hard early in the week. As we get closer to game day, we will back off so our bodies will be ready for the game.

3.) How does it feel to have the first game finally under your belt?

It’s always nice to get that first game out of the way and coming away with a good result. You get more comfortable and not as nervous.

4.) Anybody catch your eye and impress you?  And just how good are they from the England squad?

They have a group of great players, some of the best in the world. It was a hard fought and fun match.

5.) Was anything different preparing the night before the England game than for an RSL match or a friendly?

I try to take the same approach to any game that I am a part of. It’s just another opportunity to sharpen up and to get better.


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