Hey guys, I wanted to let you all know that you may not have seen me on the field for a few weeks, but I have been at it getting ready to get back on the field.  I have been making progress, feeling better every day, and can’t wait to get back on the pitch.  While I am not going to make it to Houston for the All-Star game, I wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate all of your votes I got from you.

I also wanted to keep you all up to date on some of the cool things happening at KB5… First off, this Saturday during Carnival Real, you can swing by the KB5 booth to check out some of the gear.  Nick Rimando will also have some of his limited edition shirts and Chris Wingert will have some gear there at the booth for sale as well.

I will have a few new shirts coming here shortly.  The new designs are in and it looks like we are just now wrapping up all of the loose ends.  You can check back later on Facebook, Twitter, or my blog for further updates on the new gear.

This Saturday, we are taking on Chivas USA at Rio Tinto Stadium, and it looks like we are going to have a packed house.  Rumor has it that there aren’t too many tickets left at all right now, so if you want to make it, make sure that you go snag some tickets.  We are looking to add three more points to our standings this weekend, and having you fans as our 12th man definitely helps all of the our players down on the field.



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8 responses to “CARNIVAL REAL

  1. Mark Barber

    Your the Man Beckerman!

  2. Kandi Prickett

    Cant wait to see you back on the pitch & super excited for the new KB5 shirts as well!

  3. Chris

    Great to see Fame and Success hasnt changed you one bit! You seem to still be the same kid i went to high school with and played with!

    Get well soon, hope to see you on the pitch sooner than later!..

    Take it easy KB!

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  5. Kelsie

    Way to be Kyle!! You are such a team player! Haha I’m trying out for the herriman soccer team (idk if you knew but Andy is the assistant coach) and I’m going to the game on the 24th I love you guys! Good luck!!

  6. Nick Moore

    Hey Beckerman I was a season ticket holder for years followed u guys from Columbus to Chicago and finally to seattle last year. I love RSL and have since joined the army and unfortunately got stationed in colorado with the rapids fans. I would love to get my hands on some KB5 gear to wear up to DICKS park when you guys come out here but can’t find a way to buy it since I am never in Utah. Let me know please I am die hard Real for life and just want to support my team no matter where in the world the army takes me

  7. matt moore

    Hey, i’ve been having trouble accessing your kb5store, im not sure why but it says invalid host-name. Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem


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