Hey guys, G.O.A.L.S. for Greatness is a charity I work with closely, and they are remodeling The Utah Dream Center for their next project.  This is going to make a big impact in the lives of some less fortunate kids in Utah.

This program helps kids stay off of the streets, and has a number of programs that they can be involved in.  This week, you can go to the following website on Facebook and vote by clicking on Mountain Region and then Heart 2 Home.  You can go and vote daily… every vote counts!

Click the this link or the image to be directed to go to vote!  The winner gets $30,000 from APX, a locally based alarm company that will help with the makeover if they win.


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Hey guys, I wanted to let you all know that you may not have seen me on the field for a few weeks, but I have been at it getting ready to get back on the field.  I have been making progress, feeling better every day, and can’t wait to get back on the pitch.  While I am not going to make it to Houston for the All-Star game, I wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate all of your votes I got from you.

I also wanted to keep you all up to date on some of the cool things happening at KB5… First off, this Saturday during Carnival Real, you can swing by the KB5 booth to check out some of the gear.  Nick Rimando will also have some of his limited edition shirts and Chris Wingert will have some gear there at the booth for sale as well.

I will have a few new shirts coming here shortly.  The new designs are in and it looks like we are just now wrapping up all of the loose ends.  You can check back later on Facebook, Twitter, or my blog for further updates on the new gear.

This Saturday, we are taking on Chivas USA at Rio Tinto Stadium, and it looks like we are going to have a packed house.  Rumor has it that there aren’t too many tickets left at all right now, so if you want to make it, make sure that you go snag some tickets.  We are looking to add three more points to our standings this weekend, and having you fans as our 12th man definitely helps all of the our players down on the field.


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Hey guys, I had the chance to talk to and interview Robbie Findley a few days ago while he’s out in South Africa for the World Cup.  Check out the questions below..

1.) What has your experience been since heading over to South Africa for the World Cup?

It was a long trip to South Africa but we were treated very well. As we arrived at the hotel, they had a group of people singing and doing little skits. It was a cool experience. In the first couple weeks, I went on two safaris. It was crazy to see these animals in an uncontrolled environment just roaming around doing their thing. My roommate out here is Marcus Hahnemann.

2.) How has the training been with team USA?

The training has been good. With the games towards the end of the week we usually hit it hard early in the week. As we get closer to game day, we will back off so our bodies will be ready for the game.

3.) How does it feel to have the first game finally under your belt?

It’s always nice to get that first game out of the way and coming away with a good result. You get more comfortable and not as nervous.

4.) Anybody catch your eye and impress you?  And just how good are they from the England squad?

They have a group of great players, some of the best in the world. It was a hard fought and fun match.

5.) Was anything different preparing the night before the England game than for an RSL match or a friendly?

I try to take the same approach to any game that I am a part of. It’s just another opportunity to sharpen up and to get better.

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Below this post are some more pictures from my boy who is out in the French Riveria right now.  He and a couple of the crew got some days off so they ended up taking the train to France.  He said it was a really cool place, and that they spent most of their time skating everywhere.

As for the world cup, I had a chance to speak with Robbie Findley before the highly anticipated game against England.  Robbie seemed ready to to go and the way he played was right on.  It was great to see him play well at such a high level, and I thought that he kept getting better and better as the game went on.
Hopefully, we get to see more of Robbie in the starting line up in the upcoming games against Slovenia and Algeria.

As for my teams of the World Cup tourney so far…  I got to say Germany looked sharp, however, Austrailia looked like they wanted nothing to do with them.

Argentina looks good and when their shots start going in, they are just gonna be more and more dangerous.  Holland has their smooth passing going and that seemed to help them defensively.  We all saw a big win and nice style from both Japan and Ghana too.

Those are the teams who have impressed me so far.  Watching all this soccer is so awesome, but these early morning wake-ups are getting brutal!  There is always DVR, but it definitely doesn’t compare to watching a game live.


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Hey guys, tonight before the Real Salt Lake vs. LA Galaxy match, you can pick up all of your KB5 clothes at the KB5 booth in  Carnival Real.  I will have hoodies, thermals, short and long sleeved shirts there for sale.

The booth will open up at 5pm and close around kick-off at 7pm, and will be located out in the east lawn of Rio Tinto Stadium.

Also, you can check out some sample King Charles long sleeve t-shirts that will be for sale at the booth.

Last week, we tied on the road in D.C. and are looking to bounce back with a big win tonight against the undefeated LA Galaxy.  This MLS Cup re-match will definitely be a good one and it looks like it’s going to be a sell out crowd.  See you all tonight at the game!


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Hey guys, sorry it’s been a while since I threw up a blog post… just moved into my new place and have been way busy getting moved in and situated.  Now that things have settled, I can finally get back at you guys with some updates!

Good news… KB5 is now linking up with both The Total Footballer and Goal Republic to help spread the good word of RSL and KB5.

The Total Footballer ( covers local, club, and international soccer.  They’re teamed up with Goal Republic (, a store that pushes some sick lines of soccer apparel.

Make sure to go check out their site and store.


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Hey guys, I have two lower bowl tickets to give out!  Ok, here is how you can snag them…

Over time, most of you have probably seen some entertaining goal celebrations and some that were just too plain or unoriginal.  I have always loved goal celebrations and have had a couple of good ones myself.

Whoever gives me the best goal celebration idea will get two lower bowl seats to this Thursday’s match against the Houston Dynamo.  This game is our last home game until the 29th of this month!

I would love to see you all out at Rio Tinto Stadium this Thursday, but the game will be on ESPN2 for any of you who can’t make it.

To submit a goal celebration idea, just post it as a comment in this blog post.  Post as many ideas as you would like, but only one person will be the winner of two lower bowl tickets for the game against Houston.  Get creative and good luck!

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